Empowering change
  • Transfer to circular economy principles
  • Finding effective solutions to modern energy sector challenges
  • Harmonised planning of new and administration of existing systems
Holistic approach
  • Wide range of public, commercial, residential and industrial applications
  • Reducing dependency (at the end use level) on international energy prices
  • Improving profitability via reduction in capital and operational costs
Removing barriers
  • Revealing the need for smooth transformation from currently employed practises
  • Ongoing optimisation and correction based on constantly changing demand patterns
  • Clear and complete support to enable balanced investment decisions
Pledging transparency
  • Effective administration based on visually clear reporting formats
  • Reducing the number of decisions based on the “rule of thumb” approach
  • Safeguarding design and the real life operation processes of energy systems

We believe that the future of efficient energy systems lies in integrating urban and industrial requirements for energy, which can only be resolved within thermal energy exchange networks, often referred to as “energy sharing networks” (ESN).

ESN is a relatively new type of infrastructure. By serving a combination of users’ energy requirements by integrating a series of collective energy transactions it represents an advanced form of the cogeneration.

The company approach is based on an in-depth understanding of the real life problems within commercial environments, the fundamentals behind commonly employed processes, and practical engineering experience, which have all been brought altogether into a crystallised clear vision of the future of energy use.

Existing energy market practises are being challenged by continuously growing demand, driven by improving living standards in countries with fast developing economies, and also increased demand within the developed world.

At Seal Navitas we are committed to continuous development of a range of solutions addressing previously overlooked problems. Solutions that can provide an unparalleled universal platform applicable for integration with most mature and well established technologies to enable outstanding results by unlocking the true potential of site-wide and district level energy integration without compromises in safety, redundancy or profitability for all stakeholders.

True energy integration is never neutral. It must either cause a complimentary (beneficial) effect on all of the connected systems, so reducing costs through improved design and operational reliability; or integration must cause obvious or less obvious conflicts between the systems, resulting in reduced efficiency and increased total energy consumption and costs.

Our technological solutions are designed to eliminate conflicts between connected systems, and to extend the lifespan of your energy systems, whilst at the same time reducing capital, energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Important Note:
Seal Navitas is not currently operating an open licensing programme. At present time we are ready only to support selected projects with partners who are prepared to participate in the development of the necessary standards to support design, construction and life cycle operation processes by ensuring compatibility and flawless functionality of the ESN integrations. All highly integrated projects incorporating various components from different technology and manufacturing vendors that can be supplied (replaced) by various fabricators, installers and maintenance groups outside unified standards, which may seriously affect performance.